Prize Indemnity Insurance


Hole in One Prize Indemnity Insurance

OzPrize is Australia's leading provider of Hole in One Insurance.
With premiums from as low as $388 for a $10,000 prize, golf event organizers and sponsors can add that extra "buzz" to their tournaments and also attract more entrants by staging a Hole in One competition.
Charities are also able to charge participants for their Hole in One attempts and earn extra income for their charity. Underwritten by Lloyd's of London, OzPrize Hole in One Insurance can be arranged for prize values from as low as $5,000 right up to $5,000,000 for a major tournament.
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Envelope Draw Prize Insurance

At OzPrize we arrange Insurance for sales promotion envelope draws where your lucky consumer has the chance to pick 1 from 40 or more envelopes to win the major prize. These are the most popular competitions that we arrange for Marketing & Sales Managers and are suitable for all budgets. Underwritten by Lloyd's of London.
Envelope Draw Prize Insurance quotation request form

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Skill based Prize Insurance

Here is just an example of some of the Competitions we arrange prize insurance for:
  • Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL football kicks
  • Soccer kicks
  • Baseball throws
  • Basketball/Netball shootouts
  • Hockey shots
  • Archery shots
These competitions are very popular at home game matches and are usually conducted during the half time break.
Underwritten by Lloyd's of London.
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